Silence in the Noise

The last time i posted a blog was on Dec. 3rd.- over two months ago- and I'm totally okay with that in this season of life.

I used to blog all the time about anything and everything- a thought would pop in my head, and I'd throw it on here. There was very little privacy, mostly because I didn't really value it in my life- I was okay with being 110% transparent all the time. That can be an exhaustive thing, though- always being on display.

This year, I've really learned to value "sacred space," things in life that are solely mine, whether it's a night of the week, an activity I enjoy, whatever. I've stopped using twitter almost as much as I've stopped blogging, and you'll rarely find me posting on my own facebook account, because I think it's possible to overshare these days. Just because you have the ability to tell everyone what you're doing at every moment might not mean you should.

I've been spending a lot of time processing how I use social media and its purpose in my life, which seems to be in transition. Maybe it's me growing up, or maybe it's all the noise of social media becoming too much, but I'm definitely trying to streamline things these days. Obviously that means things will change around here, and while I'll still be around, it clearly won't be with the frequency of my early days.

What do you think? Is all the "noise" of social media okay or is there a point where it gets to be too much?