Quote of the Day

“We have a purpose… and it’s not to be a country club with a steeple on top that gives our community the middle finger and tells them to go to hell because reaching them would make us uncomfortable!” -Perry Noble, NewSpring Church
Dang, Perry... bringing the heat this weekend, huh?

Reading that makes me uncomfortable, but it also stirs something inside of me.


Tom Carpenter said...

I briefly met Perry the other weekend when I was in South Carolina. Well...actually I was taking a training seminar at NewSpring Church and he stuck his head in the room for like 2 minutes. But...whatever. He seemed like a cool guy; I really like what I have read and heard from him so far. Why do you think that you, me and most other Christians get uncomfortable with this?

Kara Szyarto said...

yeah, i'm a Perry fan too. He's not afraid to shake people, but he isn't explosive about it/damaging towards people.

the most unsettling thing about this quote for me, is that it's so easy for us as the Church to turn a blind eye to those who are hard to love and maybe even blame them for it ["they pushed us away," something like that], and we use our excuses to justify our lack of concern ["well, we tried."] it's easy for us- well, for anyone- to give up when things get hard, so we've landed in this rut of "things are great within the Church!" Maybe they are, and that's awesome, but the message of Christ wasn't a self-serving message. It was, "you believe I love you? Awesome, tell someone else. Share it."

Perry's comment reminds us of our purpose in a a way that makes us take notice, because "share it with your friends. Jesus loves them" doesn't seem like enough anymore. It's like we hear it so much that we tune it out. Personally, when i read that quote, I thought, "i would never tell someone in the community to go to hell! that's awful." But, when I ignore the purpose of the Church, and I ignore the needs of the community, that's exactly what I'm telling them, and realizing that sucks. a lot. it's easy for me personally to get caught up in the politics and unspoken rules, and i have to remove myself and bring my focus back to who Christ is and what He wants of me. It's uncomfortable to be called out, but it's also such a valuable tool for growth because it takes the blinders off and helps us see what we've been missing.

i may do a post about this... i guess i had a lot to say, and i'm still thinking about it and trying to process it.