I've been feeling under the weather all week (allergies + VA= the WORST combination ever), and last night, I finally threw in the towel and chose to admit it. I went to bed at 8pm, in hopes of knocking it out once and for all. Instead, my body cheered and decided if I was going to admit it, then we were going to BE sick. I spent the day parked on the couch, catching up on all the shows I missed last night in my fevered stupor (Olivia Pope forever).

In the midst of the day's strenuous activities, I decided to beat my recent culinary laziness by throwing together two dishes that seem labor intensive, but are actually perfect for someone with plans to go absolutely nowhere and do absolutely nothing all day: a whole roasted chicken (slow cooker baby) and barbeque baby back ribs (had to try the new electric roaster before Thanksgiving, and Cade loves ribs).

For the chicken, you chop up an onion and dump it in, rub the chicken with whatever herbs you can grab, then cram the chicken with garlic cloves and toss her in (tie her legs together first- after all, she is a lady). Add a million more cloves of garlic on top and boom- she's ready. Cook it on low for 6-8 hours (or like, 10 if you accidentally buy the biggest chicken at the store), then crawl in the pot with it, because, hell yes.

The pork is just a little more exciting- it involves beer (the recipe calls for Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, but um, duh- it's fall. Hello Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Hard Cider). Marinate the pork for a hot second, then season him up (I went with paprika, black pepper, truffle salt, a little brown sugar, and chili powder) and toss him in the roaster on 325. After 30 min (just long enough to need a break from Sons of Anarchy), you add another 1/2 cup of brown sugar, then cook it for another 30 minutes. After that, baste it with the beer/drippings mix every 15 minutes for the next hour, and try not to add drool as it makes your whole house smell awesome. This is also the point where you high five yourself, knowing it's going to make your husband super, super excited when he gets home from his 14-hour workday. Both of us took on second jobs while we have the time to help us save up for the next chapter in life, but the long days make meal prep a little more difficult. The jobs are stretching us in great ways (Cade with communication, myself with scheduling and time management), so it's a win-win.

And while the meat cooks and the Glee kids sing Beatles songs, I'm going to add a little Fall festivity to my nails (Fall colors are the best). How are you guys embracing the onset of Fall? What hearty meals are finding their way to your plates? And most importantly, what Fall shows are you already addicted to?


Falling for Fall

When you have a DIY wedding, you get used to having 10,000 plates spinning at once; when it's over, your brain kind of says, "okay, now what?"

I'll tell you what, Brain. It's time to start decorating the house.

For the first year, we were kind of sporadic (read: impulsive) about our purchases. Instead of thinking about how things worked together, we went with "If you like it, buy it. Figure out the details later." That's how we ended up with an animal menagerie in every shade of the rainbow with every function (CB2's T-Rex candleholder, anyone?). With wedding planning, you have to think of the big picture and how everything plays off of each other (height, color, materials, finish). The same rings true for home decorating.

Taking that into account, I went out today to get some fall-ish items. On a whim last week, I made a wreath for the front door and picked up a few pumpkins for the porch:

(Let it be known that I'm still not crazy about mums- the orange ones are from our farmer's market, and we're in a life or death battle right now... Plus, I still need to stain the crate. Projects...). I grabbed a slew of stuff from Michael's and Home Goods, and walked away spending right around $200, which isn't bad when you think about how after this year, I'll only have to replace the mini pumpkins.

Anyway, here's the spread. Enjoy!


She's baaaaaack!

I've been thinking about blogging a lot lately- it used to be a huge creative outlet for me, but when you buy a house and plan a wedding, it seems like all of your creativity gets sucked into never ending projects. We've settled in, we had the best wedding EVER, and now life is slowly moving back to normal (whatever that means).

It's been about a year since I found myself here, and one of the biggest things to happen in that year was something I never feel like talking about, anyway. My dad passed away in November, and it was as if all the joy got sucked out of my life. I was in a bad place for a long time, and I'm not sure I would have made it through without Cade. And instead of processing it right away, I threw myself into working out and eating clean. Little did I know that working on my health would help me work through everything in my head and heart as well. I lost 50 pounds, ran two 5Ks, and learned how to throw down in the kitchen. 

Along with all of these changes, we also added another member to our family last October. His name is Wally, and he is the sweetest, silliest cuddle monster ever. We got him two weeks before my dad got sick, and Wally has stuck by my side since (he is SUCH a mama's boy).

Things keep moving in the Pellegrin household, and I'm excited to be able to use this outlet again as we jump into the next phase of life. Love you guys!


Life is Beautiful

Remember when we bought a house, moved in, and never looked back? Well that last part was totally an accident. I had no idea that my last post was three (gulp!) months ago. In that time, we...
  • painted our kitchen (bluegreengray?), Cade's office (navy), and the front door (teal). apparently we like our blues and greens
  • learned how to cook (tonight included Triple A Spinach Pasta and the leftover homemade caramel from these Salted Caramel Chocolate Shortbread Bars, which was worth the 45 minutes it took to make)
  • hosted both sides of the family (Cade's dad and Gram at the beginning of July, my family at the end; Kelli even came at the end of June)
  • got a promotion (Cade) and found a job (Kara)- and we both love what we're doing
  • found a new church that we really like (big ups to Tab UMC)
  • did an overhaul on our yard which will include putting a fence up in the coming weeks
  • continued to plan a wedding and separate party in two states that aren't Virginia
So naturally, our time has been a bit preoccupied. But life has been totally incredible, and we absolutely love taking the world on together. There have been so many funny moments (fact: bacon grease will melt a red solo cup), so many happy moments, and so many moments where we've been able to learn more about each other and ourselves, and it's been such a blessing to share life with Cade (and Cleo).

Hopefully I can get back in the routine of blogging, but for right now, we can just let it be a pleasant surprise whenever one of my posts shows up! Hope you're all doing well :)


The Many Adventures of Team P

It goes without saying that some amazing things have happened in the past year, and the next year is shaping up to be even more incredible. We close on the house next Tuesday, move next Saturday, and in a little over a year, we'll be saying "I do." Pretty big stuff, my friends.

With family and friends all over the place, we figured it'd be easier to share house/life updates on a blog than bombard people with emails or facebook notifications, which is why we started cadeandkara.blogspot.com (don't worry- it'll be easier to access after the wedding, when it'll become the new cadeandkara.com). We'll post pictures of home shenanigans, life happenings, and all the other excitement taking place at 6707, even some DIY projects that we try to tackle. Of course, Gigitastic will live on, but it'll continue to revolve about my thoughts on life with Jesus rather than updates on the homefront.

Hope you guys are enjoying this crazy start to summer- seriously, 90 degrees one day and 67 the next? It's like im still in Indiana! Keep your fingers crossed that it's not 90 degrees on the 9th when we move. I will straight up die.